The Rise of the Learning Manager

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This text is about the creation of a different kind of teacher rather than a 'better' teacher. It details the rise of the Learning Manager: the teacher construct for a knowledge and creativity-based economy. It provides an exploration and explanation of the core ideas and practices that underpin the preparation of the Learning Manager by chronicling the development and implementation of a new teacher preparation program: the Bachelor of Learning Management (BLM). By Richard Smith and David Lynch (editors)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Learning Management Concept
Chapter 3: Disruptive Innovations, Workforce Capability and Partnerships: A Regional Directors' Perspective
Chapter 4: Preparation of a Learning Manager in the BLM program
Chapter 5: The Learning Management Design Process
Chapter 6: The Teaching School
Chapter 7: The Noosa BLM Model
Chapter 8: An Evaluation of the Bachelor of Learning Management Degree at Central Queensland University
Chapter 9: Conclusion

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