The Theory and Practice of Learning Management

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Theory and Practice of Learning Management argues that today's dominant pedagogical practices of schooling and teacher education are a major contributor to the failure of schools to fulfill the schools' promise for students and their families. The Learning Management concept represents a rethink of teaching, schooling and teacher education and places the emphasis on the following characteristics: the need for design principles and a common language of instruction for 'teachers', research-based techniques that deliver a wider curriculum agenda, and a renewed responsibility on the part of teachers, schools and teacher educators for the outcomes of pedagogical practice. By David Lynch and Bruce Knight (editors)


Chapter 1: Locating the theory and practice of learning management /​ David Lynch, Bruce Allen Knight

2: Understanding the links between learning and instructional design /​ Kim Nichols

3: Learning management capabilities /​ David Lynch, Richard Smith, David Turner

4: Innovation, entrepreneurship and execution capacity /​ David Lynch, Richard Smith, Paul O'Neill

5: Learning diagnostics /​ David Lynch, Richard Smith, Bruce Allen Knight

6: Learning management and the idea of a new learning industry /​ David Lynch, Richard Smith, Paul O'Neill

7: Learning management and assessment /​ Sue Davis, Jo Dargusch

8: Learning management and its association with the reporting of learner performance /​ Sue Davis, Jo Dargusch

9: Resilience education and the learning management process /​ Cecily Knight

10: Research, evidence-based practice and the learning manager /​ Carole Kayrooz, Michelle Fleming

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