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Rethinking Teacher Education

From the people who turned teacher education on its ear in Australia in 2001 comes a text about preparing the next generation of teachers. Richard Smith and David Lynch, two of Australia's leading teacher education researchers and the architects of the acclaimed Bachelor of Learning Management program (Blm), take their previously published ideas about teaching and teacher education further to detail a new paradigm in the preparation of teachers. Drawing on 30 years of teacher education research and their own experiences in redeveloping teacher education in Australia, Smith and Lynch explore what it means to be a teacher in the 2000s, outlining a new vision for the preparation of teachers in a Knowledge Age. By Richard Smith and David Lynch

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Preparing Teachers in Times of Change

It appears that teachers and teacher educators have fossilized in their resolve to continue doing what they've always done, despite calls for fundamental change. So, what does ""a changed world"" actually mean for teachers and teacher educators? How might society prepare teachers for this changed world and what are the new capabilities that such a program should focus on? What does fundamental change in teaching and teacher education actually look like? This book is about teacher education reform and seeks to answer these and other questions. More specifically the book aims to showcase a disruptive model in teacher education and answer some of the ponderings around what teacher education could be and how it could be organized differently for the different world in which teachers now have to operate. By David Lynch.

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Learning Management: Transitioning teacher for national and international change

This book provides the student of 'teaching' and the in-service teacher with a structured series of professional readings and a coordinated course of action designed to produce pedagogical strategies to achieve learning outcomes. It reflects a transition from the teacher construct of the 1990s to the education practitioner that is appropriate for an emerging knowledge in the 21st century. By David Lynch and Richard Smith (editors).

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Applied Learning Management:new approaches for the new millennium

This text provides practical understandings and teaching strategies for the aspiring practitioner of Learning Management. Each chapter provides an account of key elements associated with the work of the Learning Manager : the futures orientated teacher. By David Lynch and Bruce Knight (editors).

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The Theory and Practice of Learning Management

Theory and Practice of Learning Management argues that today's dominant pedagogical practices of schooling and teacher education are a major contributor to the failure of schools to fulfill the schools' promise for students and their families. The Learning Management concept represents a rethink of teaching, schooling and teacher education and places the emphasis on the following characteristics: the need for design principles and a common language of instruction for 'teachers', research-based techniques that deliver a wider curriculum agenda, and a renewed responsibility on the part of teachers, schools and teacher educators for the outcomes of pedagogical practice. By David Lynch and Bruce Knight (editors)