Fellows of the College

Fellowship of the College (FAACLM) is awarded to professionals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the theory and practice of learning management, through an applied or theoretical field of endeavour.


Lew Brennan FAACLM

Patron of the College

Professor Richard Smith FAACLM



Professor Bruce Knight FAACLM


Professor Greg Whately FAACLM


Professor David Lynch FAACLM Lynne Foley FAACLM
Dr Greg Smith FAACLM Dr Angelina Ambrossetti FAACLM
Dr Cecily Knight FAACLM A/Prof David Turner FAACLM
Dr Jake Madden FAACLM Iqbal Singh FAACLM
Dr Tina Doe FAACLM    
Peter Bradford FAACLM Sue Pearce FAACLM Rob McAlpine FAACLM Paul O'Neill FAACLM
Sue Richardson FAACLM Denise Beckinsale MAACLM